How to Find the Best Auto Mechanic in Lake Oconee

When a car has a mechanical failure, it is important to find a reliable mechanic to get it rolling again. However, it is not always easy to distinguish an experienced, knowledgeable mechanic from an unreliable shop. Below are several tips for finding the best auto repair service in the Eaton and Greensboro area.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

According to the experts, a good way to find a top-quality repair shop with Snap-on Diagnostic technology is to ask neighbors, family, and friends for advice. In many cases, one can get great recommendations from people they trust. Ask about the shop’s customer service and work quality, and find out how long the person has been the shop’s customer. It is a good idea to get some recommendations before trouble strikes, so the customer does not make a choice out of desperation.

Check the Shop’s Certifications

When a potential customer walks into a repair shop, its certifications must be in a place of prominence. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) recommends choosing a shop that is proud of its technicians’ certifications indicating workers have current training and know about specific parts of the vehicle. In particular, customers should look for an ASE endorsement.

Consult the BBB

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) retains records on businesses, and it offers an accreditation to shops that offer quality work and excellent service. Before taking a car in for repairs, check the shop’s reputation with the BBB. Look for previous complaints, and determine how they were resolved. Whether customers have had good or bad experiences with a particular shop, the BBB will tell new customers all about it.

Know the Vehicle’s Warranty

If the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the owner may need to take it to a dealer for repairs. Auto warranties are variable, and there is a definite lack of clarity on who can service a car and which parts can be used for the repairs. In some cases, one’s choices in repair shops may be limited.

If the repair is costly or extensive, take the time to compare prices among local shops. The FTC advises that consumers should get multiple quotes to find a shop that provides the best auto diagnostic technology in the lake oconee area.

Look at the Shop

Vehicle owners can tell quite a bit about a shop by being observant. The ASE suggests customers start with the exterior of the building. Other vehicles should be of similar quality and value to the customer’s car, and the parking lot should be neat and clean.

Find a Specialist

Whether the customer drives a Tesla or a Toyota, it is best to find a shop that knows the vehicle. Consumer Reports says specialists receive the most current training and have the best equipment for vehicle repair and maintenance of all vehicle types.

Go Online

The Internet has greatly changed how people shop for services and products, including auto service. The experts advise customers to check a shop’s reviews on sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp. On these sites, vehicle owners can find out about others’ experiences with a particular shop.

Request References

Consumers should request references before trying a new mechanic. If possible, call these references to determine their feelings about the shop and the level of customer service it provides.

Feel Good About the Decision

Every repair shop is different. To find the best auto mechanic in Lake Oconee, take the time to research all local options. By comparing shops, services, and prices, vehicle owners can be prepared the next time they have car trouble—and feel confident they’ve made the right choice.